OAKS Version 10 – Coming December 18, 2012

We are excited to announce the new version of OAKS that will be available December 18th! OAKS will not be available on December 17th due to the upgrade.

Watch a video at http://lemon.cofc.edu/tlttraining/whattoexpectin10.mp4 to check out the new features!  For detailed list of all of the features and Version 10 tutorials please visit the OAKS blog at http://blogs.cofc.edu/oaks.

The new upgrade will not affect any of your existing courses in OAKS.  You will still have all of your course material, quizzes, discussions, assignments, etc.  They will just be in a new, easier to use interface.


  • For technical questions about OAKS such as login issues and student rosters, please contact Helpdesk at helpdesk@cofc.edu or 843.953-3375.
  • For assistance with using OAKS tools, please contact Teaching, Learning & Technology at tlt@cofc.edu.


  • For questions that pertain to a specific course, please contact your instructor first.
  • For questions about OAKS or assistance in using OAKS, please contact Student Support Services located in the Addlestone Library.
  • For problems with your login or other technical issues, please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@cofc.edu or 953.DESK.