Results of the Fall 2012 TechQual+ Project: An IT Survey

The Higher Education TechQual+ Project provides higher education IT leaders and administrators with standard tools to assess, analyze, and report on the effectiveness of technology services at their institution. The TechQual+ core survey contains 13 items designed to measure performance across the following three core categories: 1) Connectivity and Access, 2) Technology and Collaboration Services, and 3) Support and Training. Also provided is opportunity to contribute suggestions.

Wordle Comment Analysis

The wordle below is generated from the TechQual+ survey suggestions of the faculty, staff, and students.  Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds” from provided text. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

The College of Charleston had 1,207 people complete the survey:162 faculty, 219 staff, and 818 students. Analysis of the effectiveness of technology service by distinct groups (faculty, staff, and students), yielded the following conclusions:

  • Students responded that their IT service expectations were above the minimum in 8 of the 13 core survey questions or areas that they rated.
  • Faculty responded that their IT service expectations were above the minimum in 2 of the 13 core survey questions.
  • Staff responded that their IT service expectations were above the minimum in 1 of the 13 core survey questions.


Important Themes from User Suggestions 

  • Users want better and more reliable network performance; the campus wireless network (Wi-Fi) is singled-out as not meeting performance expectations.
  • Basic technology training is requested.
  • The core MyCharleston portal content should be made available via a mobile app.
  • Additional technology in classrooms that is reliable and user-friendly is needed.
  • Responsiveness to submitted HelpDesk service tickets and timely communications back to the users about the updated status of their service tickets needs improvement.


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It is our pleasure to announce that a freshman majoring in English was randomly selected as the winner of a 16GB Apple iPad after completing the TechQual+ survey. The winner has requested to remain anonymous and she has already received her prize.