Updating software on classroom computers. Do you have Changes for next semester?

Prior to the beginning of each semester at the College, Information Technology (IT) updates/adds academic-related software applications on the computers in 1) smart classrooms, 2) computer classrooms/labs, 3) meeting/conference rooms, 4) Library Student Computing Center and 5) faculty offices.  This service is designed to support the changing instructional needs of the faculty.



If you would like to request a change in the applications currently loaded on computers in the above locations or want to install new software, you should:


  1. First, backup any existing documents/files you want to save.  The process of   “reimaging or updating/adding new software applications requires that the computer be wiped clean of any existing files/data.  So make a copy of any files you want to keep, before you proceed to the next step!


  1. Gather all information about the software i.e.: cds, license information or websites where the software can be downloaded from along with  location of where software is to be installed,  how many computers is the software to be installed on and the semester  the software is needed by.



  1. When finished, send an email helpdesk@cofc.edu  with the information requested in procedure number 2.


  1. Please keep in mind that some software may not be able to be installed do to incompatibility issues with the operating systems or other software that is already installed on the computers.  If this is your particular situation, we will work with you and the vendors for possible solutions.




To assure adequate time to install software for the beginning of each semester, the deadlines are:

      Semester Needed                          Request Must Be Received by             

Spring                                                  December 1

Summer Sessions                                 May 25

            Fall                                                       July 1

*Note:  Any software request submitted after the above received by dates may impact the timely installation of the requested software.


The requesting department is responsible for all licenses and software purchases.


We look forward to working with you.  Please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@ccofc.edu

3-3375 with any questions you may have.