Microsoft Exchange Server Upgrade for Faculty/Staff at the College of Charleston

Information Technology is beginning implementation of a new Microsoft Exchange 2010 server that will modernize our communication capabilities on campus!  This project has been in the planning phase for several months and we are proud to announce that we are about to begin the implementation phase of the project.  Our new Exchange 2010 server offers many new features and solves many problems we have been experiencing over the past year with our 10 year old email servers.  Macintosh users will be excited to know that they will be able to utilize the Mac Outlook 2011 client with support for contacts, calendars and many other features not currently available to Entourage.  System stability will be greatly improved.  Other great new tools and features will be rolled out after the initial migration.


We will begin making system changes tomorrow – Wednesday 3/14/2012.  We do not anticipate any interruption of service.  These changes enable a 30 day testing period.  After the new system is deemed stable — the transition of mailboxes from the old Exchange 2003 servers to the new Exchange 2010 servers will take 75 days.  During the transition period (April-June), you will be notified of changes or outages affecting your email account.  The planned completion of all email accounts to the new system  is June 30, 2012.