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Donegal is a large county on the north-western coast of Ireland. It is located in the province of Ulster, along the Donegal Bay in the North Atlantic. Donegal borders counties Derry, Tyrone and Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, and only borders county Leitrim to the south.  Donegal has distinct characteristics that separate it from any other county in Ireland. The name “Donegal” is derived from “Dún na nGall”, which means“home to foreigners”. County Donegal is a very large and famous hub for Christianity. This came to be when St Colmcille was born in Donegal in the year 521 A.D.,  spreading his Christian word and enlightening the people of county Donegal. He is remembered today for continuing around Northern Ireland and eventually onto Scotland, taking the spirit of his birth place with him. Today, county Donegal is home to various attractive tourist destinations, including visiting Tory Island off the coast, and climbing the beautiful Errigal Mountain. County Donegal is also a very entertaining and successful GAA county, bringing home the Sam Maguire Cup twice in the last 25 years.

—Mackenzie Greene

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