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County Antrim, Northern Ireland is located in the northern province of Ulster. The county is home to rolling hills, as well as beautiful coastline. Additionally, it is the birthplace of one of the most famous authors of the 20th Century. C.S. Lewis, writer of the well-known “Chronicles of Narnia” series was from County Antrim. Lewis was born in Belfast, County Antrim’s largest city. His Irish heritage inspired his writing within the popular series. Specifically, County Antrim’s Dunluce Castle is regarded as the foundation and inspiration of the “Chronicles of Narnia’s”, Cair Paravel. The castle described in the series favors that of Dunluce, especially with its unique coastline and elevation. While the major motion picture was filmed in New Zealand, the terrain and atmosphere is said to have been what inspired C.S. Lewis’ setting of Narnia. While, C.S. Lewis did not stay in his home city of County Antrim, it is clear that the area held a special place in his memory.

–by Meg Cathcart

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