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by Dan Collela

As a Film Studies minor at the College, one of my favorite memories from my study abroad has to be the day spent in Cong, Ireland. On the day trip to Cong, I was lucky enough to see many of the filming locations from the 1952 John Ford film, The Quiet Man. Pictured below is the famous Pat Cohan Bar, a prominent location in the film. This trip was one of the first times I was able to visit multiple filming locations for a movie so I loved every minute of this experience. Not only was the seeing the bar interesting but visiting the museum in the town honoring the movie was just as fun and interesting; being able to step foot into the replica cottage from the film and try and match scenes to the layout of the home allowed for me to have more respect and admiration for John Ford’s piece. One other interesting aspect to the visit to Cong came when looking at the map with all the filming locations. Although many of the locations used for the film were centralized in the town itself, a lot of other scenes were actually very spread out to places outside the town, such as Ashford Castle, yet in the film it gives the illusion that these places were very central. I found this very enlightening. When studying film, it is important to look at all aspects of a piece and editing is a crucial part to a film’s success. Seeing how John Ford and his team were able to edit and make it seem as if locations were closer than they actually appear, added a new element to my understanding for the process of filmmaking. Visiting these sites was incredibly valuable to understanding the culture surrounding the plot and, by immersing myself in these aspects of the film itself; it has given me a deeper appreciation for the film, for Irish film in general, and for the Irish people and their culture. Watching the movie back in the U.S., I was in awe of the wide shots of the beautiful landscapes in the west of Ireland. My anticipation to visit this area was through the roof and finally being able to come to Ireland and see the expansive beauty of the countryside and experience the core of what Irish film is has been a dream come true. This trip has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and has left an indelible mark on me. I wish I never had to leave!

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