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Women in Public Memory

Posted by: Joseph Kelly | July 5, 2017 | No Comment |

by Temperance Russell

Throughout our time in Ireland there has been a lot of history around the city especially in Dublin. There is quite a lot of 1916 commemoration on almost every corner of the city. I was quick to learn that Dublin is not alone when it comes to having a lot of commemoration for significant historical events that have happened in Ireland. One of the most interesting places that we traveled to that had interesting commemoration was Belfast. Since Belfast is in Northern Ireland and still under UK rule it puts an interesting vibe over the city. There is still a lot of hostility between the Catholics and the Protestants, which is seen in murals along the city and the peace wall that is in the middle of the city. What I found really interesting was the murals along the city that was basically telling the story of Northern Ireland. One part of the murals that I found interesting was the lack of representation of women. Most of the wall tells the history of the men that were fighting or the lives that the men had lost and there was only one little section of the wall that showed the women. From this trip it was interesting to see just how masculine Ireland is and how there is a bit of a lack of representation of women. Women fought for the same causes that the men did on both sides yet their stories are never really told. In this particular mural this is just one small section of it that shows women and recognizing those who were involved. Overall I found that the lack of representation of women to be interesting yet not surprising since Ireland is such a masculine country.

Peace Wall in Belfast

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