Lowcountry to Washington: You better listen up

We asked you: As the shutdown lingers, what message do you want to send to your federal lawmakers? Here’s what you said:


“Get moving. Get negotiating, and put people back to work. There’s a trickle-down effect. People don’t get paychecks and then businesses suffer. It’s not just federal employees being affected. … This an avoidable disaster. Quit playing games with our economy. The country is thought of as a safe haven now, but that could change. … This sends a horrible message.” Elaine Worzala, 52, Mount Pleasant, director of the College of Charleston School of Business’ Carter Real Estate Center

“There’s a time when governing requires compromise. And I would like to see folks sit down at the table to compromise. Right now, no one party is in control. Democrats have control of the Senate and Republicans have control of the House. So people will have to give up something and compromise.” Gibbs Knotts, 41, Mount Pleasant, political science professor at the College of Charleston

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