North Dakota’s Ban Is a Bad Way to Stop Selective Abortion- The Atlantic

Other parents of children with Down syndrome have expressed concern over the North Dakota law. Alison Piepmeier, director of women’s and gender studies at the College of Charleston, wrote in an essay for Motherlode this week:

If North Dakota really does want it to be “a great day for babies in North Dakota” and wants to prove that “a civil society does not discriminate against people … for their sex or for disability,” it should make the state a welcoming place for people with disabilities. The state could take the cash reserves it has put aside for legal challenges to its laws and use those funds to train public schools to be meaningfully inclusive (as all the best research shows is the way to go). It could provide easily accessible medical care and early intervention. The state could develop independent — but supported — housing for adults with intellectual disabilities so that there are not waiting lists years long.


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