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CofC students get deep into study of harbor- WCIV

Have you ever wondered what the seafloor of the Charleston Harbor is like? Some students at the College of Charleston have spent their spring break figuring that out. “We have a very extensive seamap program where we train students how to go collect data, how to process data, analyze it and actually put out data […]

Casino capitalism: As gambling spreads, metaphor becomes reality –

Indeed, the literature is conflicted. Some academics, like Harvard Medical School’s Howard Schaffer, say that the number of gambling addicts has not increased alongside casino expansion. Douglas Walker, a professor of economics at the College of Charleston, has criticized Grinol’s methodology in studying casino-related crime.  

A little research can help you make a ‘smart’ phone choice- Greenville News

 Dr. Doug Ferguson, professor of communication at College of Charleston, is one of those people. Even though he estimates that 90 percent of his students and two-thirds of his university colleagues own them, Ferguson has chosen to keep his basic cellphone. “There’s a peer pressure,” Ferguson said. “There’s a pressure to be like everybody else.” […]

Are today’s children growing up too fast?- Charleston Post and Courier

 Von Bakanic, a sociology professor at the College of Charleston, said the correlation between television (and, by extension, other visual media) and violence has long been observed by researchers. A Canadian study in the 1970s compared children raised in a small town without television with those with regular exposure to television and found substantial differences, […]

Please Read This Story, Thank You- NPR

Margaret Lacey, on the other hand, finds that many people are quite well-mannered in her everyday life. A sophomore at the College of Charleston — in the South Carolina city that is often cited as one of the most courteous in the country — Lacey notes that people can be polite without trotting out the […]

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