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Gingrich Faces Uphill Battle in Florida- Slate

“People may be voting not so much for Gingrich, but just to keep the primaries going,” said Kendra Stewart, an associate professor of political science at the College of Charleston. The New York Times talks to people on the ground and says that voters really don’t know what to think and despite endless debates and […]

Suddenly for Romney, Florida win seems a must- Boston Globe

 “Clearly, Romney has underperformed,’’ said Jordan Ragusa, a College of Charleston political science professor. “I think that Romney strategically erred in not being prepared for some basic questions that he should have known would come up.’’  

Many Voters Moved to Gingrich With Days, or Moments, Left- New York Times

 Henry Mullin, 18, a freshman at the College of Charleston, cast his first presidential vote Saturday and voted for Mr. Gingrich. Mr. Mullin attended the debate on Thursday as an undecided voter. But as soon as he saw Mr. Gingrich’s response to the opening question about his marriage, Mr. Mullin made up his mind. […]

Colbert’s comic campaign in S.C.- Washington Post

 Colbert’s message, on the other hand, was as serious as its delivery was lighthearted. Politicians in both parties promise to bring Americans together, but Colbert actually does, through comedy. And this rally on the campus of the College of Charleston, the day before the state’s presidential primary, was an extended riff on the serious subject […]

GOP candidates offer largely similar jobs plans- Orlando Sentinel

“If Gingrich wins or comes close, the race continues,” said Jeri Cabot, a political scientist at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where the unemployment rate is about the same as Florida’s 9.9 percent. “Your state [Florida] will then determine whether Gingrich can attract enough money to help him go further.”,0,4196736.story  

Election Coverage (Script)- Fox News

    ROBERTS: It was also the night that Newt Gingrich found new life, a performance that earned a rare standing ovation. And by Tuesday, had catapulted him in the polls.   PROFESSOR KENDRA STEWART, COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON: He woke up and had a sudden surge that I think Gingrich knew was coming, but took […]

Steve Colbert and Herman Cain: Campaigns, college students and insanity- Washington Times

 While Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are the four remaining presidential candidates, the Palmetto State brought one of the strangest political rallies involving a pair of non-candidate “candidates.” Stephen Colbert of the “Colbert Report” teamed up with former candidate Herman Cain at a rally on the campus of the College of […]

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