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Bully Pulpit Coverage of Colbert/Cain Rally


VIDEO: “Rock Me Like A Herman Cain: South Cain-Olina Primary Rally” via MSNBC 

VIDEO: MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” January 20, 2012

VIDEO: Charleston The Post and Courier

VIDEO: Associated Press

VIDEO: London Daily Telegraph




Associated Press – “Funny man Colbert hits campaign trail day before South Carolina primary,” January 20, 2012

Reuters – “Stephen Colbert “Campaigns” In South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Huffington Post – “Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Hold Rally In South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Huffington Post – “Colbert Super PAC Timeline: Highlights From Colbert’s Campaign Against Corporate Influence (INFOGRAPHIC),” January 20, 2012

Philadelphia Inquirer – “Colbert Channels Cain In Big Anti-Rally,” January 21, 2012

National Journal – “Colbert and Cain: Absurdist Politics in South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Politico – “Colbert: ‘Herman Cain Is Me,’” January 20, 2012

Vanity Fair – “Colbert-Cain Rally Exclusive! Details About Herman Cain’s Cowboy Hat From The Inside (Of The Hat),” January 20, 2012

LA Times – “Stephen Colbert Shows Republicans How To Draw A Crowd,” January 21, 2012

Washington Post – “Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Turn Spotlight On Super Pacs In South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Washington Post – “Stephen Colbert’s Unfunny Run For President,” January 20, 2012

Wall Street Journal – “Colbert and Cain Rally for Laughs in South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Palmetto Public Record – “At Colbert’s Rally With Herman Cain, A Circus With A Serious Side,” January 20, 2012

Charleston City Paper – “SLIDESHOW: Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain rally at the Cistern Yard,” January 20, 2012

Charlotte Observer – “Funny Day Belies Serious Choice In S.C.,” January 21, 2012

Dallas Morning News – “Campaign Journal: Stephen Colbert Turns Super PAC Rally Into Civics Lesson,” January 20, 2012

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – “Republican Party Deals With Changing Demographics In South Carolina Primary,” By James O’Toole

LA Times – “Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Team Up For S.C. Campaign Rally,” January 20, 2012

The Daily Caller – “Herman Cain Tells Colbert Audience Not To Vote For Him,” January 20, 2012

Washington Post – “The Stephen Colbert Rally — And The Future Of The GOP,” January 20, 2012

Washington Times – “Steve Colbert And Herman Cain: Campaigns, College Students And Insanity,” January 21, 2012

Hollywood Reporter – “Stephen Colbert’s Rally for Herman Cain Draws Record Crowd in South Carolina,” January 21, 2012

Variety – “Playing Political Pacman,” January 21, 2012

Daily Mail – “Herman Cain Stages Mock Presidential Rally With Comedian Steve Colbert… And Draws Bigger Crowds Than Real Candidates,” January 20, 2012

Time – “Colbert and Cain Do the Charleston: Which One’s the Comedian?” January 20, 2012

EW – “Stephen Colbert Stages Rally In South Carolina For Herman Cain,” January 20, 2012

CNN – “Colbert: Vote For Cain, He’s On The Ballot,” January 20, 2012

Reuters – “Stephen Colbert ‘Campaigns’ In South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Chicago Tribune – “Video: Stephen Colbert Welcomes Herman Cain At S.C. Rally,” January 21, 2012

E Online – “Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain Rally in South Carolina,” January 21, 2012 – “Native Son Stephen Colbert And Herman Cain Push The Limit In South Carolina,” January 21, 2012 – “Stephen Colbert And Herman Cain Have Conflicting Messages At Rally,” January 21, 2012

Monsters & Critics – “Stephen Colbert ‘Campaigns’ In South Carolina With Herman Cain,” January 21, 2012

The Canadian Press – “Colbert, Cain Join Forces On Eve Of S.C. Primary,” January 20, 2012

The Globe and Mail – “Colbert Raises Cain In South Carolina,” January 20, 2012

Washington Post – “GOP Politics Versus The Joke Candidate,” January 21, 2012

Huffington Post – “South Carolina Primary Humor, Intentional and Unintentional,” January 22, 2012

NPR – “Herman Cain Gets ‘A Colbert Bump’ In South Carolina,” January 21, 2012

Politico – “Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Train Missing Traction In South Carolina,” January 21, 2012

Tribune Washington Bureau – “Colbert Raises Cain, But Not Votes,” January 22, 2012

ABC News – “Stephen Colbert Gives Herman Cain The ‘Colbert Bump’ In South Carolina,” January 22, 2012

Mediaite – “Herman Cain Defends Colbert Rally To Cavuto: Young Voters Think ‘The Mainstream Media Is Boring,’” January 21st, 2012

Mediaite – “Colbert Bump: Herman Cain Gets Over 6000 Votes In South Carolina,” January 22, 2012

Newsbusters – “Bozell Column: Colbert’s Egotism Isn’t Fake,” January 21, 2012

Buzzfeed.Com – “These People Actually Voted For Herman Cain Today,” January 21, 2012

Philadelphia Inquirer – “For Election Cynics, Colbert/Cain Is The Ticket,” January 22, 2012

Gather – “Colbert, Cain Come in Fifth Place in South Carolina Primary, Beating Perry,” January 22, 2012

The Atlantic – “How Serious Is Stephen Colbert?” January 21, 2012

Celebrity Café – “Stephen Colbert’s Stunt To Win South Carolina Primary Fails,” January 22, 2012

Examiner – “2012 Campaign: South Carolina Primary – The Return Of Herman Cain,” January 21, 2012

Slate – “Five Lessons From South Carolina,” January 22, 2012

Politex – “Perry Running Sixth In South Carolina Vote,” January 21, 2012



NBC Today Show (Saturday Morning)

CBS Morning (Saturday Morning)

MSNBC- Weekend with Alex Witt

Good Morning America (Weekend)

MSNBC – Rachel Maddow Show

MSNBC- Hardball Weekend



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Bully Pulpit Coverage of Ron Paul


CBS News- “Ron Paul Gears Up for the Long Haul”

BBC-“The 76-year-old’s youth vote”

WCIV-“Standing-room only at Downtown Ron Paul event”

PBS News Hour- “Ron Paul at College of Charleston”

Charleston Post and Courier-“Hundreds of students turn out to meet Ron Paul”

C-SPAN-“Ron Paul’s South Carolina Campaign Comes to Charleston”


Bully Pulpit presents Newt Gingrich

Charleston Post and Courier- “College of Charleston to be hub of political activity”

Reuters- “Special report: Callista Gingrich – The ultimate running mate”

New York Times-“Gingrich Aims to Turn Immigration Issue on Foes”

Associated Press- “GOP 2012 candidates walk tightrope on immigration”

CNN-“Interview with Newt Gingrich & Rep. Tim Scott

NPR- Gingrich in Charleston

National Review- “‘Down Goes Willard”

Fox News-“Newt Targets Sanctuary Cities”

New York Daily News- “Newt Gingrich rips Mitt Romney”

AP-“Gingrich: I’m not perfect, yet better than Romney”

Reuters- “Gingrich targets “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution- “Gingrich dips back into immigration debate, blasts White House”

MSNBC- “Gingrich doubles down on immigration policy at S.C. town hall”

The Hill- “Gingrich: Voters won’t support policy to ‘hunt down’ all illegal immigrants”

Charleston Post and Courier- “Newt Gingrich woos Lowcountry”

WCBD- “Gingrich addresses issues specific to South Carolina at town hall”

CBS News- “Gingrich voices support for S.C. immigration law”

WCIV-“Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, in Charleston”

WIS-“Gingrich at Bully Pulpit Event”

WCBD- “Gingrich comes to town while riding high in the polls”

AP-“Looking to build, Gingrich eyes South Carolina”

WCSC-“Presidential Hopeful Newt Gingrich In Lowcountry”

Charlotte Observer- “Newt Gingrich visits S.C. atop poll”



John Huntsman visits Bully Pulpit


Charleston Post and Courier- “Huntsman in pulpit: 2012 hopeful spotlights underdog status at C of C”

WMBF-” Huntsman Visits Charleston”

WCBD- “Huntsman in the Lowcountry”

AP- “Huntsman making campaign swing through SC”

WCIV- “Huntsman in Charleston”

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