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The Myths About Legalized Gambling- Reason Magazine

Crime? It tends to rise in a city when casinos arrive—but only because there are more people around. “Typically, when tourists are considered in the crime rate, any effect of casinos on crime diminishes or disappears,” notes Douglas M. Walker, an economist at the College of Charleston.    

Local mayors, live oaks a lot alike: Lowcountry’s longest-serving have deep roots in community- Charleston Post and Courier

The long tenures of several local mayors might not be that unusual, considering that most incumbent politicians across the board often keep winning, said College of Charleston political science professor Andy Felts. Felts also said the South’s traditional political culture also likely plays a role.  

College of Charleston playwrights show their stuff in Under the Lights- Charleston City Paper

These short plays aren’t just homework assignments, either. Theater professor Todd McNerney maintains that the caliber of the scripts selected for Under the Lights is very high. “For a period of 15 years, a College of Charleston student playwright has been either the winner of, or a finalist for, a major regional or national award,” […]

Shrimp on A Treadmill- CNN

The real shrimp treadmill is at the Grice Marine Lab at the College of Charleston, South Carolina where they’re using that 500-thousand dollar grant to do what doctors do to people. “This is like a stress test for shrimp?” “Yea exactly.”  

College merit aid produces bidding wars- Washington Post

Gillian Spolarich’s college search played out like a romantic triangle. She was set on American University. But the College of Charleston was set on her. The Southern suitor sweetened its admission offer with a pledge of more than $10,000 in merit aid.

Review: ‘All-American Songfest’ shows off CofC talent- Charleston Post and Courier

The ‘All-American Songfest,’ presented by the College of Charleston, is a valiant effort in tackling difficult songs. The selections are not jazz standards or patriotic hymns. Instead it’s selections of American arias, art songs and show tunes. Not the easiest repertoire to undertake. The selections are performed by the students at the College of Charleston’s […]

Technology aids communication about storms, but it’s ‘not a panacea’- Hilton Head Island Packet

“It’s not a panacea, but I think because cell phones are ubiquitous, it’s going to give another option for saving people’s lives,” said Doug Ferguson, a professor of communication at the College of Charleston.  

Casino studies inconclusive- Cleveland Plain Dealer

But other research, including some written by economist Douglas Walker at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, argues that crime rates around casinos would stay the same or actually be reduced if number-crunchers accounted for the influx of tourists in addition to the people who live near the casino.

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