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Fulbright award- Charleston Post and Courier

Erik Sotka, a biology professor at the College of Charleston, has received a 2010 Fulbright Senior Scholarship to conduct a study on marine ecosystems at the University of New South Wales in Australia. He will spend four months looking at the effect of warming seas on the ecosystems, in particular seaweed-herbivore interactions. His study will […]

A clear message- Charleston Post and Courier

Meagan Orton admits that she’s never used an iPod and doesn’t really know how to operate one, which is unusual for a 21-year-old these days. That makes her an odd candidate to be a voice urging young people to protect their hearing from overusing music players and other loud, sustained noises. But the Stratford High […]

On-the-job experience- Charleston Post and Courier

Holland Williams, director of career development at the College of Charleston, where just over 600 students become interns each year, said there is a growing trend among businesses to offer unpaid internships. “Some were using them as part-time employees but framing it as an internship,” she said. “An intern cannot replace employees. The company has […]

Your Personal Best: Amputee Jordan Thomas Presses On- Success Magazine

Now entering his junior year at the College of Charleston, Thomas lives a pretty typical life for a 21-year-old. Although he has his moments—like falling when getting out of the shower and realizing the “permanency” of his condition, he says—Thomas credits his incredible physical progress to sheer will and determination.

Book award- Charleston Post and Courier

The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women has named the book “Journey of Five Capuchin Nuns” the winner of the Josephine Roberts Prize for a scholarly edition award competition. College of Charleston Hispanic studies associate professor Sarah E. Owens is the author. Owens, an expert in the writings of early modern religious women, […]

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