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SO INCLINED- Runner’s World

Why does hill running hurt so much? In part, because it takes more work. “You have to recruit more muscle fibers to get yourself up the hill, which causes those muscles to fatigue faster,” says Carwyn Sharp, Ph.D., assistant professor of exercise science at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Plus, when you’re running […]

‘Rhapsody in Blue’- Charleston Post and Courier

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra knocked the roof off the Charleston Music Hall last week as pianist Tommy Gill‘s reconceptualization of George Gershwin‘s “Rhapsody in Blue” received its world premiere, taking the en- tire second half of the concert. Conductor Charlton Singleton knew of Gill’s fondness for this opus and that in 2002 he had performed […]

Ready to give back- Charleston Post and Courier

Welsh applied over a year ago, before she graduated in 2009 from the College of Charleston with degrees in English and anthropology. Her interest in joining the Peace Corps was piqued during an African studies course, her minor, when her professor invited a Peace Corps recruiter to speak to her class.

Jewish arts fest turns 13- Charleston Post and Courier

“A World of Jewish Culture at Piccolo Spoleto” reaches its bar mitzvah year. Launched in 1998 to honor the Jewish community’s contributions to the arts, the annual celebration is hosted by the Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program at the College of Charleston in conjunction with the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, the Office of Cultural Affairs and the […]

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