Archive | May, 2010

Museum celebrates portraits- Aiken Standard

With the help of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston, MUSC decided to commission South Carolina photographers to portray their fellow citizens at work and play – the resulting portraits, it was thought, would provide the faculty and the students at the institution some sense of the people they serve. […]

McMaster to Announce if Sanford Will Face Criminal Charges- WCIV-TV

“I suspect they will not go forward with criminal charges”, says College of Charleston Political Science Professor Jeri Cabot. She brings up the point that many government heads travel just like Governor Sanford did. Some critics believe McMaster who’s also running for governor should have turned the investigation over to another party.

Gambling- The Miami Herald

Miami Herald’s Business News program speaks with Doug Walker, author of The Economics of Gambling and associate professor at the College of Charleston. Video by Miami Herald Studio.

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