Want to teach in Honors?

Interested in teaching an Honors course? We welcome contributions from across campus. During the 2020/21 academic year, 67 different faculty representing 25 academic departments or programs taught in Honors.

Honors College courses offer faculty an opportunity to share their passions with students, to try out new and innovative pedagogical ideas, to branch out beyond their typical subject matter. If you have a course idea you’ve always wanted to explore, we’d love to hear about it. We’ll help determine if it’s the right fit for an Honors course.

How a new Honors course gets created:
1. Faculty propose an idea for a new Honors course
2. The Honors College works with faculty and their department chair/program director to schedule the course
3. Faculty submit a course preparation form
4. The Honors College Committee reviews the form and provides feedback within two weeks designed to help faculty fine-tune their course

Faculty interested in teaching an Honors course should contact Nick Plasmati (Plasmatinc@cofc.edu) for more information.