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Mr. James E. Campbell Race and Social Justice Initiative Student Leadership Awards

It’s Officially Student Leadership Award Season!

The Student leadership award is a $1000 travel and research stipend granted to up to 10 undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for social justice and activism! This research stipend is eligible for students who attend The College of Charleston or a Historically Black College and University in the State of South Carolina. Students will be required to submit an application and a proposal detailing their individual project ideas to the RSJI team.

Applications open on October 18, 2021.

Click Here to Apply

Learn More About Mr. Campbell

Mr. James E. Campbell (1925-2021), an African American educator and civil rights activist, worked as a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, New York, New York, and Tanzania. He later became an administrator with the New York City public school system. Campbell also served as contributing editor for the journal Freedomways. Relocating after retirement, he became a community activist in Charleston, South Carolina and continued his involvement with educational initiatives. Throughout his life, Campbell has worked with organizations focused on socialism, Pan-Africanism, freedom struggles, and equity in education.

Posted on October 12, 2021 in Scholarships, Grants & Awards


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