Fall 2021 Quantitative Literacy Courses

All Honors College students are required to complete at least one Honors Quantitative Literacy course. Quantitative Literacy courses count towards the 25 HONS credit requirement, and students may take additional Quantitative Literacy courses as an Honors elective. Alternatively, the Honors Quantitative Literacy requirement can be satisfied with MATH 120 (or AP credit).

HONS 216 Conceptual Tour of Contemporary Mathematics (Professor James Young)
Three credits
This course will highlight mathematics as a network of intriguing and powerful ideas, not a dry formula list of techniques. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual, non-technical understanding of current developments in higher-level mathematics, and how these concepts and results are intertwined and employed in other areas outside mathematics.
This course counts towards the College’s General Education Mathematics/Logic requirement

Prerequisite(s): MATH 105 or MATH 120 or equivalent; or permission of instructor.

Teaching Format: In-person

*course offerings and teaching format subject to change