Numerous opportunities with the US State Department

Opportunities abound with the US Department of State! Applications are now open for the following:

  • scholarships for students to intern and study abroad
  • Government internships
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Career opportunities

Read below for details about the specific opportunities.

  • Questions? Ccontact Saúl A. Hernández, Diplomat in Residence for the Southern Region (

The Department offers scholarships for students to intern and study abroad, as well as government internships, graduate fellowships, and career opportunities.


Students can apply to the Virtual Student Federal Service during the month of July. While this is an unpaid opportunity, students participate part-time for a maximum of 10 hours per week during the duration of the academic year. This year, we have over 500 internship projects with federal agencies across the federal government.

We also offer the ten-week Student Internship Program in the spring, summer, and fall for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4-point scale. They currently earn $18.36 per hour and also receive transportation to and from the internship site and housing. Students generally apply 7-8 months ahead of their internship to provide enough time to get their security clearances. Applications for the Summer 2024 internship will open in the early fall, generally in late September.


The fellowships listed below require a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA on a 4-point scale, and encourage applications from women and groups that are underrepresented in the Department of State:

The Pickering and Rangel Fellowships provide tuition assistance for a master's degree, a stipend, and two summer internships, and in return, Fellows sign a contract with the Department of State at the end of their studies to serve as Foreign Service Officers for five years. The application cycle for both of these programs ends in late September.

Last year, we started the Clarke Diplomatic Security Fellowship. Like the fellowships above, students get tuition assistance, two internships, and a stipend, and after students get their master's degree, they sign a contract to serve as Diplomatic Security Special Agents. Candidates must pass a Physical Readiness Test. The application cycle will open around July 18 and close in late September.

We also offer the Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship. This fellowship can either fund the junior and senior year of bachelor's study, or two years of graduate study in an IT-related major. Again, internships, tuition assistance, and a stipend are part of the fellowship. FAIT Fellows sign a contract to serve as Information Management Specialists.

We offer the Gilman Scholarship to students receiving Pell Grants to fund internships and study abroad, and, the Gilman-McCain Scholarship is available for students who are adult children of active duty service members and who are receiving Title IV financial aid.

We offer the Critical Language Scholarship to students who want a summer immersive experience in one of fourteen languages, including Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Full-Time Positions

We are also hiring for full-time positions abroad with the Foreign Service and domestically with the Civil Service.