Make a Difference while Making a Profit

Do you have a social or environmental problem that keeps you up at night? Apply now for the Spring 2022 Impact X cohort and work in a team to help solve the world’s problems!

Impact X is a three credit class that assists you and your new team in forming a new venture where success is focused on solving social and environmental problems, while making a profit. Since its inception, Impact X has formed over 75 startup teams that have created innovative, for-profit solutions that improve people’s lives and the planet. All students are assisted by local business professionals as mentors. The Impact X class culminates in a Shark Tank type DEMO Day where students have the opportunity to win up to $5,000 in funding.

Monotto, a business that was recently started by a team of students in ImpactX, just had a liquidity event where they were acquired by Horicon Bank. Monotto is an advanced mobile banking app that raised over $250,000 raised and was voted one of the top 3 fintech startups in Atlanta – this could be you!

To apply, please see the attached application: Impact X | Spring 2022 Applications are due by Thursday, October 28th. For all ImpactX related inquiries,  please contact Candace Pfister (an alum of Impact X) or David Wyman.

Course Information:

Location: ImpactX Room (Beatty 120)

Timing: TR: 12:15 – 1:30

Learning Outcomes: Sustainability, Teamwork, Presentation Skills, Innovation, and Start-up Culture

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