(Re)/Deconstructing Genetics and the Good Society | Spring Break 2020 Experience to Scotland

This spring we are pleased to offer an optional travel experience for students enrolled in the Honors Colloquia Course, (Re)/Deconstructing Genetics and the Good Society.  There are no prerequisites for the course and students from all majors are welcome to enroll. Travel is not required to enroll in the course. 

Course Information: More than 5 million people have spit in a tube and sent their DNA to 23andMe for ancestry and health genetic testing.  As part of this course, you may choose to join them after deconstructing the implications of that decision for yourself and your relatives – What does truly informed consent look like when donating your DNA to research projects or making decisions about genetic testing results? Can you maintain sovereignty over your DNA once donated? Who ultimately benefits from your participation in these projects?  We’ll examine the science behind DNA databases, direct to consumer genetic testing, pre-natal genetic testing, and large scale genomic medicine projects while also paying close attention to how they intersect with gender, class, race, ethnicity, and disability. Ultimately, we’ll aim to reconstruct genetic research so that it is more equitable and responsive to all members of our society. A 23andMe Ancestry Kit will be provided to each student in the course, although there is no requirement to use the kit. 

Travel Location: Edinburgh, Scotland to visit the Generation Scotland Genetics Program and the University of Edinburgh School of Public Health

Further Information: Interested students should contact Dr. Chris Korey (koreyc@cofc.edu) for more information.

Deadlines: Deadline for registering for the optional travel component is November 1st. Travel fee covers most travel expenses in Edinburgh. Students will purchase their own flight separately.

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