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Research Opportunities Available for STEM Students

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There are several research openings for math, data science, computer science, and language majors being offered by the Computer Science Department. The projects include mathematical models in biology, artificial intelligence based software engineering projects, and algorithms in software engineering. The research is expected to lead to quality Bachelors essay opportunities.

Please reach out to Professor Kris Ghosh for any questions. Email-

Posted on September 6, 2021 in Research

Research Opportunity at MUSC within the Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery is looking for an intern to participate in ongoing research projects

The intern will receive hands-on training and experience in conducting experiments, microscopic analysis of research specimens and other laboratory work as needed. This person will work under the supervision of a staff scientist. A perfect opportunity for an undergrad looking to get a foot in the door of a research project.

Contact Dr. Sarah Grace Dennis-Little, Ph.D. ( for more details.

Posted on August 26, 2021 in Research

Research Opportunities at MUSC for students interested in cellular and molecular biology

Interested in cellular and molecular biology research? Dr. Michael Scofield’s addiction neuroscience laboratory at the Medical University of South Carolina is looking for high-achieving undergraduate students to aid in the completion of a variety of research projects.

The lab uses state-of-the-art techniques to better understand relapse biology and the cellular and molecular correlates of drug craving. Undergraduate research assistants will gain tangible experience with key research techniques, including electrochemical recordings, immunohistochemical analysis, confocal microscopy, digital rendering, neuronal and astroglial structural plasticity analyses, and operant drug self-administration withdrawal and relapse paradigms.

Check out the laboratory website for more info:

With lots of ongoing projects, students who are interested in research are encouraged to email Dr. Michael Scofield ( for more info.

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Bike Share Study Recruitment – Participants Wanted for Data Collection


If you like biking and are interested in participating in research data collection, this may be for you. As a part of the Charleston Bike Share program, research is being conducted to find the differences in energy needed to use a regular bike versus an electric pedal-assist bike.

To become a participant you must be 18-40 years old, physically active, and free of any underlying health conditions. You will also have to complete a baseline fitness test and complete two 1-hour bicycle rides. 

All participates will receive a Fitness and body composition analysis, a water bottle, and $25! 

If you are interested or want more information, please contact Jenny Sella at

Posted on June 2, 2021 in Campus Involvement, Community Engagement, Research

Independent Research Opportunity at MUSC

Dr. Naohiro Yamaguchi’s lab is looking for undergraduate students to perform independent research at MUSC. The lab research has a focus on molecular biology and biochemistry looking at the function and regulatory mechanism of calcium transporting proteins as they are important in various muscle diseases. The student would participate in performing experiments such as DNA construction and expression, and functional assay of the calcium ion channel activity.

Ideal candidates would be a sophomore or junior who are interested in biomedical research. Candidates are expected to perform independent research for 10 hours or more per week. Longer time in the summer would be preferred. No prior lab experience is necessary as the lab will train the individual; however, strong motivation for research is required. Individuals wanting to perform independent research for Honors Immersed and/or a Bachelor’s Essay are preferred.

Interested individuals can contact Dr. Yamaguchi at or current Honors College senior Savannah Heitmann at

Posted on March 16, 2021 in Research

Neuroscience Research Opportunity at MUSC

Dr. Heather Boger’s lab is looking for a student volunteer to aid in a research project about pediatric stroke and potential treatment strategies. This is a basic science (neuroscience) project using an animal model (rat) of pediatric ischemia. The student would be participating in surgeries, behavior assessment, and brain tissue processing, and microscopic analysis.

The ideal candidate would be able to volunteer 12-15 hrs a week. No previous lab experience is necessary but would be a nice bonus. The lab would do all training of the individual, so the student would have an active role in the project, including their name associated with any presentations/publications.

Interested students should contact Dr. Boger at for more information.

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Student Opportunity Center (SOC)

CofC Honors has recently adopted a resource that connects you to over 10,000 conferences, journals, research, and funding opportunities from all over the world. It is free, easy to use, and flexible to your interests. Please take 30 seconds to check it out and discover opportunities to make yourself stand out from the crowd!

Check your emails (and spam folders) for an invitation to join the network. This short video provides more information on how to navigate the new system.

If you have lost the activation email, never received it, or it ended in your spam folder, click here to get a new one.

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