MUSC Research Opportunity in the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

Dr. Naohiro Yamaguchi’s lab in the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology is looking for a student intern to perform research for calcium signaling. This project focuses on the regulatory mechanisms of calcium release channels, called ryanodine receptors, and the functional consequence of their dysfunctional activities that leads to human muscle diseases.

Students will be participating in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry experiments including tissue cell cultures, mutant DNA construction and expression, and functional assay for the mutant Ca2+ channel activity.

No previous lab experience is necessary as all training will be provided onsite. Selected students will work 10 hours per week during the semester and more during the summer.

Rising Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in conducting their independent research for their Bachelor’s Essay and Honors Immersed are particularly preferred.

Interested students should contact Dr. Yamaguchi at or current Honors College sophomore Millar Elferdink at for more information.

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