All students must complete the Honors Engaged application.

As an engaged scholar-citizen you will need to do some research on local critical issues and on our preferred community partners in order to be effective in your work.  This assignment addresses your roles as both scholar and citizen.

We all value philosophies, decisions, and actions based on credible information. As such, this assignment is designed to catalyze student thinking about local issues with some investigative research to inform the ideas they already have. Students should familiarize themselves with their desired Community Partner(s) as well as their relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Do some academic research in the databases first.  Then explore this blog and other materials provided in your HONS 103  – Honors Engaged OAKS site and class periods. Finally, ask pertinent questions either by reaching out to peer facilitators and partners/projects via email.
  • What skills and interests align with our Partners’ goals?
  • Think about logistics, too. What are the scheduling options?
  • Remember that you are making a yearlong commitment, so you’ll have to fit your engagement into your weekly schedule in the fall AND plan your spring schedule accordingly.  There are scholarly and civic elements embedded in the application form, so exploring the databases, this blog, and our other resources will ensure you can submit your best application to begin work in Honors Engaged.

The Honors Engaged application is due Sunday, September 10th at 11:59 PM.

Once you submit the application, you will be placed in Honors Engaged based on your preferences, your availability, and the quality of your application.