Researched Action Plan

Deliberative Democracy Students ONLY

For your culminating Deliberative Democracy project, you will either contribute to an existing community action plan OR design a new researched action plan that addresses one or more critical issues in your project track. This plan must be completed collaboratively and be approved by your project liaison.This is due March 31st by 11:59 PM in your OAKS Class of 2025 Advising Folder under Deliberative Democracy RAP. Every Deliberative Democracy student must upload a completed RAP.

Problem Statement (500 words):
Identify the problem your plan seeks to address, including which UN Sustainable Development Goals with which the plan aligns. Discuss relevant background information informing the need for the plan, including scholarship, studies, and/or local news sources. You must include at least four sources. You may include sources from your project proposal.

Proposed Solution (250 words):
Summarize the goals of the plan and briefly outline the procedures to be used to implement it. Indicate whether this is a new plan or a revision of an existing plan. If relevant, discuss how this plan relates to existing plans. Please include a tentative timeline.

Stakeholders (500 words):
List at least five stakeholders who will contribute and/or be affected by this plan. Describe how they will be affected, how they will contribute, and how you plan to work with them throughout the process. This may involve community organizations, government organizations, individual citizens, specific civic populations, etc.

Stakeholder 1:

Stakeholder 2:

Stakeholder 3:

Stakeholder 4:

Stakeholder 5:

Implementation Challenges (250 words):
To the extent feasible, identify anticipated challenges to implementing the plan, including any human, financial, operational, technological, or other resources that will be needed.