The Honors Engaged proposal prepares students for their community engagement by familiarizing them with project missions and credible literature regarding critical issues. The document also serves as a formal commitment to the the project students will be working with.

As members of an academic community, we all value philosophies, decisions, and actions based on credible information.  As such, this assignment is designed to catalyze student thinking about the central issues of their track/project with some investigative research to inform the ideas they already have. Students should familiarize themselves with the mission of their individual project/track and its relationship to the UN Sustainable Development Goals discussed at the beginning of the Fall semester.  They should also give some thought to how their participation in Honors Engaged will help them to better understand and address the defining issues of their track/project.

Proposals are due October 10th by 11:59 PM and should be submitted to the OAKS Class of 2025 Advising Dropbox as a word doc or PDF.

Direct Service Honors Engaged Proposal 2021

Deliberative Democracy Honors Engaged Proposal 2021