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Rising Above (Dr. Kendall Deas, Honors Faculty Fellow)

As a young African American male growing up and attending public schools in Sumter, S.C., Kendall Deas saw firsthand how opportunities for advancement could be limited by race and socioeconomic status. While Deas’ parents encouraged him to pursue a career in academia, a place where they believed he could best address some of the inequities he […]

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Professor’s Diversity Fellowship Proves Transformative

When Honors College Faculty Fellow Kendall Deas was accepted into a prestigious diversity-focused fellowship program at the University of Michigan in 2016, he assumed the experience would help him grow as a professional and impart invaluable skills and insights that he could put to use in his role as a faculty member at the College of […]

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Honors Students Establish First-Ever Aesthetics Conference at the College

Open, interesting discussion regarding beauty. That’s what’s at the heart of the College’s Aesthetics Work Group (AWG). This group, established by philosophy and Honors Western Civ professor Jonathan Neufeld several years ago, meets regularly and features both student and faculty participants whose discussions range widely over theoretical topics in and about the arts. The group’s […]

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Professor Praise: Professor Lancie Affonso

*This article was written by Alexandra Helfgott, Class of 2019, for an English assignment where the prompt was to interview an immigrant. She chose Honors College Faculty Fellow, Lancie Affonso, who teaches in the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, and the Department of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems. Additionally, […]

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Professor Praise: Dr. Rachel McKinnon

Dr. Rachel McKinnon The only way to enter Dr. Rachel McKinnon’s office is through a door off of the porch. The Philosophy Department’s offices are housed in an old colonial home and the one she inhibits happened to be the kitchen. The building is steeped in a rich history that she isn’t afraid of sharing. “There […]

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Honors Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Blake Stevens

Western Civilization is one of the crown jewels of the Honors College. It’s a requirement for all Honors students, usually taken in the sophomore year, which combines several disciplines to form a dynamic and well-rounded understanding of Western history. The class has a unique colloquium structure; there are professors from departments all over the College […]

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