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Honors Alums Offer Advice to Students on how to Transition to the Workforce

The transition from college to the workforce can be intimidating, especially with the changes of the past year. From virtual classes to virtual interviews, the post-college transition phase is going to look different for the foreseeable future. We recently spoke with six Honors College alumni who have successfully transitioned into adulthood and they share their […]

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The Charleston Fellows Program has Big Plans for the Future

Major changes are underway with the Honors College’s merit scholarship group, now known as the Charleston Fellows Program.  The program, formerly known as the Aiken Fellow Society, has a new name aimed at disassociating the group from the legacy of its original namesake. It also, as of this past spring, has a new strategic plan designed to chart the program’s evolution over the coming years.  […]

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CofC Honors Student is 4th to Intern for Knowledge Capital Group

CofC Honors junior Lauren Ollis has joined Knowledge Capital Group (KCG), a healthcare-oriented management consulting firm, as an undergraduate intern. An International Business and Marketing double-major with a minor in Italian Studies, Lauren enters this internship with multiple study abroad experiences and leadership positions on campus at the College of Charleston. Some of these experiences […]

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Honors Classes Adapt to Learning in a Covid Classroom

This semester has been anything but business as usual in the classroom. Faculty and students alike have been forced to make significant adjustments. Small, close-knit classes with vibrant discussion are an integral part of the Honors experience. Unfortunately, this means the typical Honors classroom isn’t exactly conducive for social distancing. But in typical Honors fashion, […]

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Honors College Recognized Among Top Public University Programs

The College of Charleston Honors College has been selected as a high-ranking program by Inside Honors 2020-2021: Ratings and Reviews of 40 Top Public University HonorsPrograms. A major theme of this year’s edition is how honors colleges at regional public universities can provide the same quality student experiences and outcomes as their honors counterparts at […]

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Model Students: Meet Seven Members of the Class of 2024

More than 2,200 new students from around the country and around the world will start their undergraduate careers at the College of Charleston this month as part of the Class of 2024. This cohort includes individuals from 45 U.S. states, districts and territories, as well as international students from a host of countries such as […]

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Honors Students Establish New Discussion Series on Race

Over the past several months, racial inequality has become a central issue in the United States. For many, however, it’s been the central issue for a long time. And for three students at the College of Charleston, it has been a key motivator, prompting them to spearhead significant advancements regarding enrollment in the Honors College, and establish a […]

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Charleston Fellows Adapt Their Bachelor’s Essays for Social Distancing

In any other year, the senior class of Charleston Fellows would have spent the first week of April summarizing their Honors College Bachelor’s Essay projects for a packed auditorium. These presentations have long functioned as a culminating moment for members of the Charleston Fellows Program to share and celebrate their impressive academic undertakings. But like everyone […]

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International Scholars Program Opens a World of Opportunity

Every day, the world becomes more and more interconnected, making it essential that high-achieving students can embrace a global culture of learning from their very first day at the College of Charleston. Born out of cooperation between the Honors College and the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs (LCWA), the International Scholars Program began […]

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