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CofC Murals Push Alumna to ‘Learn and Grow’

When Sarah Stertz Winecoff ’13 got a request last year from Kristen Hua ’07, assistant registrar for registration and course/academic events scheduling, to brighten up the College of Charleston’s Office of the Registrar with a mural, she had to think of a worthy subject to grace the walls of that important institution. “I was given lots of creative freedom and […]

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CofC Honors Alumna Cares for All Creatures Great and Small

  It’s a drizzly Tuesday in March in Sacramento, Calif., and about a dozen children from a local elementary school have their noses pressed against the viewing windows of the veterinary hospital at the city zoo to view a very rare species on the other side of the glass. Dr. Jenessa Tookey Gjeltema ’04 is […]

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James Peyla ’18 interviewed on Australian radio for research on Giant Australian Cuttlefish

Honors College alumnus and Marine Biology major James Peyla ’18 received a Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant to conduct research in Australia. Peyla, who was also a Goldwater Scholar and an Aiken Fellow while at the College, also spent time as an undergraduate interning at the Marine Biological Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Smithsonian Institution, […]

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Alum’s Career is Data Based

She has done her research. She knows we all have a lot to learn – especially from each other. But, the way she sees it, that just means we all have a lot to teach each other, too. “People coming together and listening to what each other has to say is essential to improving the […]

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Internship Turns into Boeing Dream Job

If you ever wondered about the benefits of a college internship, talk with Emily Coleman ’18. As a sophomore majoring in computer science, she was looking for a summer internship that would not only be exciting and challenging, but something that would give her valuable professional experience. After some research, she noticed that The Boeing […]

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Graduate’s Secretive Work Supports National Security

The things that Presley Leopard ’18 can talk about are impressive enough. She graduated with majors in communication and political science and a minor in international studies. But it’s the things she can’t reveal that make Leopard an intriguing College of Charleston grad to watch.  Going into her senior year, Leopard was unsure of what she wanted to do after crossing the […]

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Marine Biology Student Gets Philosophical About Saving Coral Reefs

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock in recent years, you’ve probably heard something about the increasing environmental threat to coral reefs. And if you’ve ever seen any kind of under-water documentary, then you know that coral is home to a wide array of ocean life and an integral part of its watery landscape. […]

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Science Students Launch Recycling Program for Rubber Gloves

Chemistry majors go through a lot of synthetic rubber gloves. On any given day at the College of Charleston that could mean hundreds of pairs of the tight-fitting blue or purple nitrile gloves. Until recently, those gloves were simply discarded into the local waste stream (the ones contaminated with toxic solutions are neutralized first). But […]

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Alumnus Embraces a Global Perspective in China

For Patrick Gittard ’08, life is like a river. “Sometimes you can decide if you want to go down the rapids or if you want to go along the side, but it’s got a course,” says the Honors College grad. “You may think you want to go this way, but if the river makes a […]

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