Ben Gonzalez Pursues His Dreams in the FinTech Market

Data science continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the country and one of the most sought-after degrees. The College of Charleston recognized the need and established the first undergraduate data science program in the country. Today, students in the program are consistently graduating with full-time job offers from companies like American Express and Boeing.

Ben Gonzalez, a senior Honors student majoring in data science with a concentration in business analytics and a minor in computer science, is one of those students.

“Companies thrive on innovation, and Ben Gonzalez, an inventive student leader, consistently inspires us with visionary ideas for the future of finance (FinTech) in the era of AI. This is evident in the thesis for his yearlong interdisciplinary bachelor’s essay at the Honors College,” says Lancie Affonso ’96 (M.S. ’08), instructor in the Department of Computer Science and the School of Business, Honors College Faculty Fellow and director of the Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Community. “I’m confident that Ben will continue to merge his technical expertise in machine learning and AI, his intra-preneurial mindset and his interdisciplinary liberal arts education to both disrupt and propel the growth of the FinTech market.”


Learn how Ben leveraged peer mentorship connections into a stellar internship and eventual post-grad job offer. Read the complete article by Amy Stockwell in The College Today.

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