December Graduate Squeezes Full Honors Experience into Three and a Half Years

Exercise science major Lilli Butterfield – a soon-to-be graduate of the Honors College – has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the College. She was so earnest about her work as an undergraduate here that she managed to finish in just 3 1/2 years.

A native of North Carolina, Butterfield has known for a long time that she wants a career in the medical or health fields. And, as a student at CofC, she managed to prepare herself in a comprehensive way.

“I see myself moving into medical device sales eventually,” she says. “And, given all the knowledge that I’ve acquired as an exercise science major – and the internships that I’ve served – I think I’ll be a good fit.”

Among those internships she mentions was a yearlong stint conducting research for the Charleston Climate Coalition. She complemented that by focusing her bachelor’s essay on the public health implications of Charleston’s proposed Lowline Park, which would replace an old railroad bed with a scenic walking trail.

After graduating, Butterfield will be leaving the College, but not Charleston. She has accepted a job at Blackbaud on nearby Daniel Island. “I’m very excited to be joining this company,” she says. “It may seem strange to move from exercise science to working in software, but I really like the idea of a challenge as well as learning new skills and then applying those to whatever I do next.”

To learn more about how other December ’21 CofC grads are making an impact, read the full article by Dan Dickison in the College Today.

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