Charleston Fellows Share Their Bachelor’s Essay Projects With the Campus Community

Working side by side with faculty members to conduct year-long research in your chosen field is one of the most formative parts of the Honors College experience. Each year, seniors in the Charleston Fellow Program have the opportunity to share that experience with the campus community when they publicly present on the research they have conducted as a part of their Honors College Bachelor’s Essay. These presentations, covering a diverse range of academic topics, offer students the opportunity to celebrate their impressive scholastic work and also to polish up their presentation and public speaking skills.

Check out a sampling of this year’s presentations below!

Brogan Brown
A Differentiated Study of Rodent Empathic Behavior: Ultrasonic Vocalizations and Oxytocin Activity
Advisors: Dr. Carmela Reichel, MUSC Department of Neuroscience and Dr. Christopher Korey, Department of Biology

Jimmy Clayton
The Economic Impacts of Historical Tourism
Advisor: Dr. Peter Calcagno from the Department of Economics

Nisarg Patel
Microbial Community Development and Diversification in Hydrothermally Active Region Along the East Pacific Rise
Advisor: Dr. Heather Fullerton from the Department of Biology

Maggie Carpenter
Growth Factors in the Global Beer Industry: A Look Inside the Brazilian Beer Market
Advisor: Professor Lancie Affonso from the Department of Management and Marketing

Maddie Davis
Nuclear Transport Proteins in Embryogenesis
Advisor: Dr. Christine Byrum from the Department of Biology

Matthew Magee
Alternative N-termini Splicing of the B52 Protein in Apis mellifera (Western Honeybee) Flight Muscles During the Nurse to Forager Transition
Advisor: Dr. Agnes Southgate the Department of Biology

Micah Feinstein
Main Street South Carolina’s Small Town Revitalization Efforts
Advisor: Dr. Deborah Auriffeille from the Department of Sociology

Sarah Sayce
User Centered Recommendation Systems for Open Source Softward
Advisor: Dr. Kris Ghosh from the Department of Computer Science

Skye Jacobson
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS): Crystallography and HPLC Studies
Advisor: Dr. Amy Ledbetter Rogers from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


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