Honors Alumnus Aims to Make a Difference as President of the College’s Alumni Association

Honors alumnus Derrick Williams was recently named the first Black president of the College of Charleston Alumni Association

South Carolina attorney Derrick Williams ’99 has always been a natural leader. During his years at the College of Charleston, his focus, drive and determination led him to excel both in the classroom, where he earned academic scholarships and was a member of what was then the Honors Program, and on the running track as a top competitor with athletics scholarships.

A native of Florence, South Carolina, Williams was among the first Black cross country runners at the College. At 29, he became one of the youngest judges ever appointed to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. And last year, Williams, who graduated from the College with a degree in English, made history at his alma mater when he became the first Black president of the College of Charleston Alumni Association.

It’s a mantle that Williams is proud to hold, but one that he says carries a lot of weight as the College and the country wrestle with social justice issues and issues of equity and inclusion.

“I am so honored – this is literally one of the greatest honors of my life to be the College of Charleston Alumni Association president,” says Williams, noting that he follows in the footsteps of the “brilliant” and “accomplished” Black alumni who came before him. “I think everything happens for a reason in our life. Thinking about what has happened in our country over the last year, what better time for me to be serving than at a time like this – being the first one in this spot dealing with these issues.”

To read more on this story, check out the full article at The College Today. Full article by Amanda Kerr.

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