CofC Murals Push Alumna to ‘Learn and Grow’

When Sarah Stertz Winecoff ’13 got a request last year from Kristen Hua ’07, assistant registrar for registration and course/academic events scheduling, to brighten up the College of Charleston’s Office of the Registrar with a mural, she had to think of a worthy subject to grace the walls of that important institution.

“I was given lots of creative freedom and only prompted to design a mural that had something to do with the office’s role on campus,” she says.

She thought of the experiences that typify being a student at CofC.

“I submitted several watercolor sketches for the office to vote on: a graduation scene, a view of Porters Lodge and a classroom scene. The office deliberated and decided instead of one mural they wanted three,” says Winecoff. “For the first mural, they had a great idea of doing a triptych, or three scenes, depicting the beginning, middle and end of a student’s journey using the classroom scene and graduation scene.”

Then she ran with the concept.

Story by Erin Perkins. Photos by Heather Moran. For the full story, check out The College Today!

Featured image: Sarah Stertz Winecoff puts the finishing touches on her mural of Porter’s Lodge.

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