Study abroad with History: Ireland Summer 2021

Got wanderlust? Check out this great Summer 2021 study abroad opportunity!
“This program will be based in the heart of Dublin’s old city. We’ll be neighbors to Dublin Castle and the world famous Guinness Brewery. Students will take several guided tours in and around Dublin and one extended field trip to the beautiful West of Ireland. From breath-taking sea-cliffs to snug pubs to fantastic museums, you’ll experience it all.”
Students take two of the following courses:

HIST 241: Catching the Public’s Eye: Scandal, Sensation, and Sport in England and Ireland

ENGL 365/IIAS 304: Studies in Irish Culture

ENGL 390: Ireland and the Irish Imagination in Cinema

MGMT 360: Managing for Sustainability in the EU (Focus: Ireland)

HTMT/ARTM 362: Events Management

COMM 336: Addressing Problems in Context: Investigating Communication, Representation, and Culture in Ireland


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