Every evening, I will post announcements for the next day no later than 8 pm. But remember that Daily Activities is always updated!


9-12 pm: Class at apartment

6:15pm: Transportation to Dionysos Zonar’s  (6:15 at Hondos Center 7:30 pm dinner).


10am Check-out of Residencies

Check-in at Cabo Verde Hotel (no more Athens downtown after we check-in)

10:30 am Transportation to Hotel at Hodos Center


9-12 am: Class at apartment

6:15pm: Transportation to Nisos (7:30 pm dinner).

June 4th

  • Pick up time: 9 am
  • We will be in the same bus all the tour so we can leave stuff in the bus
  • Pickup Location: Hondos Center
  • Comfortable shoes!! Im wearing tennis shoes
  • Lunch included dinner on your own

June 3rd

  • Pick up time: 6:45 am
  • Pick up location: Hondos Center: Agiou Ioannou 16, Athina 153 42  (just walk like you were going to ACG and wait on the corner, less than a block away from residencies)
  • Ferry leaves at 8:30 am (you can buy snacks in the port or you can bring already some from here)
  • Meet at 12:30 pm for lunch (included)
  • Ferry leaves at 4:05 pm from the Hydra port and arrives at Piraeus at 5:20 pm.
  • Dinner on your own
  • Interview a local today, Saturday or Sunday

June 2nd

  • Prepare for Quiz Ch. 6
    • It will be 15 minutes. We start at 12:30 sharp and we need to be done by 12:15 pm so please arrive early to have your computers ready to start the quiz.
    • Length of the quiz is 3 questions, short answer, with material that I promise I repeated in class over and over and gave examples. You will have plenty of extra time to answer them.
  • Prepare for Quiz Ch.2. Please read chapter 2 and make notes.
  • US Embassy staff will come to Library room 9 a little before 1 pm. We are done when the presentation ends. Then, you have free time to get ready for the next 3 busy days full with cultural activities.
  • Homework before 11:59 pm on Saturday June 3rd: Assignment description is in the Power Point Presentation above (slide 15).
    • Choose a partner and:

    –Find a company that has received the Cradle-to-Cradle certification

    –Use a sticky note to let us know the name of the company that you will research and the name of the two members in your group (there is only one group of 3)

    –Create a two-page summary of the company and their accomplishments in sustainability (clear examples of their efforts), create a four slide presentation and get ready to present!

    –Submit both documents in OAKS OAKS Grades>Assignments> Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Presentation/Essay

June 1st

  • Prepare for Quiz Ch.1.
  • Read Chapter 6 (we might have some time to review before taking a quiz on it. We will also cover the material in class, so if you read and you pay attention, you will be ready for the quiz after a little review time on your own)
  • We will have readings in class.

May 31st

  • We talked about Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
  • We played the first round of Beer Game.
  • Before class: Read Ch.1  and watch lecture video 1.