Reading: Hydra Island towards Sustainability

Hydra was one of the amazing islands we were able to visit during our time in Greece. It is a small island off of Greece that does not have any cars on the island. However, the island was jam packed with tourists, restaurants, shops all after exiting the ferry. I did not think much of it because lots of places in the U.S. are also packed like this. However, Hydra as well as other islands do not have the infrastructure to provide for this. The water supply in Hydra as well as many parts of Greece is very scarce, there is not a lot of drinking water from tap as we may be used to in the United States. This reading highlights that Hydra Island may be in need of alternate sources of power and energy. Right ow the power source is fueled by power stations on the mainland but alternatives such as wind and solar would be very helpful. Solar farms could be placed into parts of the island that remain uninhabited and wind energy and generators could be also placed in these parts. The reading also mentions using and researching the possibility of wave energy. Right now Hydra Island does not have a good system for the waste management there. They bring waste to a different part of the island where it is set on fire to get rid of it. However, this puts hazardous chemicals into the air, the soil, and the water. There is also no sewage system on the island which is a very large problem.

10 years after the original article is published we see that some efforts have been made to fix these problems. The use of wind and solar power has become increasingly more popular. They have also put some restrictions on tourists coming to visit for a day in some islands, yet Hydra is not one of those yet. It may be interesting to consider that as a thought to help Hydra become more sustainable and now so over-used by tourists everyday.

Hydra was a beautiful island was probably one of my favorite places we visited. I would hope that it remains that beautiful forever and many others are able to visit.

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