Reading: eco-Innovation in Greece

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks Greece 25th overall in global ranking. According to them Greece has an average performance for air quality, fish stock, and emissions. Compared to other countries Greece shows potential in sectors of eco-innovation. However, this does not mean that the job is done or that they are developed to the full extent. In more recent years Greece has turned to finding more sustainable ways to do things. For example, power and electric was a big problem for Greece but they have shown progress in solar energy by installing solar panels in less inhabited places.

In more recent years Greece has also looked to the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency but focusing on laws and policies that deal with these issues. According to the reading, “The aim of the country is to derive 20% of final energy consumption from RES by 2020 as well as to develop new waste management techniques promoted in the New Waste Management Plan (NWMP). Greece does not have any integrated policy framework to promote circular economy”. I found this quote very interesting because now in 2023 we see Greece making major leaps towards these policies and promoting a ,ore sustainable, circular economy.

A few questions I wonder, since this article was written prior to 2020, include how Covid affected this plan, did it help or hurt? I am also interested in seeing new numbers from this source. When meeting with the ACG representative I remember she said people in Greece never paid attention to sustainability much but now there are an increasing number of sustainable efforts within ACG and other places that she hopes will carry into Greek culture as they have in American culture.

I am also curious as to how the Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Strategy for Research, Technological Development, and Innovation for 2015-2021 has been successful or not because when I was in Greece they seemed to be pretty technologically advanced or at least similar to what I am used to in America. I wonder if that means that the action plan has been completed or if it has been altered to meet different wants, needs, etc. Overall, this article was very insightful and I enjoyed reading it.

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