Eco Innovation in Greece- Katie Smaldone

One thing that stood out the most to me in this article was how in 2019, Greece showed a score of 75 on the Eco-Innovation Index. The article stated Greece is slowly but surely getting closer to the EU average, where it is only seven places behind their average. Based on this information, it is easy to see that compared to other countries in the European Union, in terms of eco-innovation, Greece is falling relatively behind. It seemed to me that Greece is very vulnerable to heavily weighted issues such as climate change and pollution. With most of the land of Greece, being on an island, it has been shown to be more susceptible to more risk rather than other countries. This could be due to the fact that there is more exposure to poor weather and relatively low-tide coasts. However, despite this challenge, Greece has held a great advantage of many renewable resources in their land that help them push towards their sustainability.

In recent years, Greece has been promoting air quality, as well as promoting a strong emphasis on savoring renewable resources and remaining energy efficient, which are top priorities within Greek policies. There has also been much progress shown toward enabling solar energy throughout the country. Not only do these governmental policies help Greece to maintain its sustainability, but the research programs implemented have also contributed a significant amount, as well. These research programs are done by several university programs to help navigate how to handle these sustainability issues and help guide for ways of improvement. Fortunately, with Greece being part of the European Union, they are able to use the funds that come from the EU to contribute towards their research efforts. These research programs study vigorously the separate entities of electricity, different policies regarding environmental law, renewable resources, energy efficiency, how to make the health of the public better overall, and of course new ways and projects to implement a circular economy.

When trying to implement a circular economy and also promote eco-innovation, Greece must stay on track with its ready-set goals. Key drivers, such as the revenue and capital that comes from renewable energies, as well as the tourism growth remaining in the country, allow Greece to become more of a competitor against other countries in the European Union. With these factors and the various research, I believe Greece will be able to progressively become more eco-innovated in the years to come.


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