Yesterday when we went to Hydra Island, I was so excited to see the beautiful scenery when the ferry pulled up! It reminded me of Mykonos Island, as there was a cute little village with houses on the hills that overlooked the water. Hydra, however, was smaller and provided more of a local-friendly feel. One of the coolest things about Hydra is that there were no cars but donkeys instead were the mode of transportation around the island. Right once we got off the boat, we were so eager to find a way to access the water, so we did some discovering and found a rocky little cliff that overlooked the water. We were sunbathing and quickly got toasted from the heat, so we jumped into the water asap. The water was so refreshing from the heat; since it was so much saltier than the oceans we are used to, it was much easier to float! After a day of swimming, we met up with everyone for lunch on top of the mountain! For lunch, I got pasta with red sauce, and of course, there was a Greek salad with other appetizers. Hydra was such a good change of scenery, and it was so refreshing being so close to the water and being able to swim!

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