A Day with a GA

We wanted to start a new blog series called A Day with a GA! In this series we wanted to catch up with some of the Graduate Assistants around campus and see what they do during their day at work. This week we caught up with our own GA, Allegra!

Name: Allegra Deley

Hometown: Mineral Ridge, OH

Graduate Program/Year: I’m a second year in the Child Life program!

Previous Education (Undergrad and/or Grad): I hold a B.S. in Family Sciences from the University of Kentucky

Office or Department you work for: Graduate Assistant for The Graduate School Office

What are your assistantship responsibilities? Provide admissions assistance, answer student questions via email/phone, give campus tours, social media management (follow us!), conduct peer research, help with events such as 3MT, Grad Ed Week, and New Graduate Student Orientation.

What do you like most about your position? I enjoy helping incoming graduate students with the admissions process, I know it was a stressful time for me so I like being able to help others through the process! Never be afraid to ask questions, the Graduate School Staff is there to help!

What question do you get asked most and what’s your typical answer? I get asked about program admission requirements quite a bit. I try to help them as much as I can but I usually point them to the Program Director since they know best!

What’s your favorite location on campus and why? I love the garden behind the Stern  Center. It is quiet and I enjoy doing homework there and watching the turtles in the pond.

What personal and/or professional accomplishment are you most proud of? Honestly getting into graduate school was a big personal accomplishment for me! I am the first person in my family to go to graduate school so it was an unknown territory. The Child Life Program is highly competitive and accepts 9-11 students a year so I am very proud to be one of them!

Name a creative work (book, movie, performance, etc.) you enjoyed recently and why? I recently watched Age of Adeline and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of plot twists and I think it has a unique story line. It makes me think about what I would do in Adeline’s situation!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Charleston? My favorite thing to do would have to be to watch the sunset at Shem Creek. The top of Saltwater Cowboys has one of my favorite views in Charleston!

Favorite Restaurant in Charleston My favorite restaurant in Charleston is probably Mario’s on King Street. I love Italian food and everything I’ve tried there has been amazing (especially the lasagna)!

Describe your perfect day. My perfect day would be to go to the pool and float all day (with no bugs) and then get birria tacos at my favorite food truck (El Capricho in Summerville)!

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