Carter Miller is our March 2021 Alumni of the Month

Carter MillerWe are pleased to announce that Carter Miller, a 2019 graduate of the Master of Business Administration program, is our alumni of the month for March 2021. Currently, Mr. Miller is the Corporate Revenue Analyst for Aimbridge Hospitality.

Miller had been working in hotel operation and sales when he decided it was time to take his career to the next level. With aspirations of switching to the revenue strategy side of hospitality, he strived to find a master’s program that would align with his goals. The Master of Business Administration with a focus in Hospitality Revenue Management from the College of Charleston was the perfect choice, as there were not many institutions that offered such a tailored program.

The accelerated MBA program from the College of Charleston is a one-year, full-time program that allowed Miller to put his professional life on hold for a brief period of time, while focusing solely on personal and academic pursuits:

My experience exceeded my expectations. I was able to establish great professional and social relationships in addition to growing academically. Finding time to connect with professionals in my current industry was crucial.

In fact, it was the multitude of networking opportunities, as well as the soft skills, provided by the MBA program that led Miller to accept a position prior to even graduating. Among the soft skills gained during his time in the MBA program, Miller says the boost to his confidence is the best asset:

Confidence is a major soft skill that the program bolstered. Confidence pushes me to take on new projects and responsibilities. Pushing my boundaries may cause scrutiny and frustration; yet, I often learn new information or processes along the way. Being afraid of failure hinders personal and professional growth.

As the Corporate Revenue Analyst, Miller oversees multiple properties of the company. It is his responsibility to setup, navigate, and influence the hotels’ systems in order to ensure data accuracy and smooth operations. He hosts weekly calls with the team of each hotel to outline the performance of the hotel and make strategic revenue recommendations. With such a tremendous amount of responsibility on his shoulders, Miller utilizes the academic and personal skills gained through the MBA program on a daily basis.

For the prospective and current students of the MBA program, Miller has some sound advice for maximizing the experience:

The MBA program affords many students the privilege of stepping away from the workforce for a short period. Take the opportunity to explore personal and academic pursuits while developing lifelong friendships and memories. Building a strong network happens both during and after the school day. Knowing the right people can be just as important as having a solid resume.

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