The Graduate Guide to Podcasts: History

2020 has been one for the history books in more ways than one. From the pandemic, to the Presidential election, to the largest social justice movement in modern times, we don’t envy the people who will write 2020’s chapter in history. Ready to hear about other historical times? We asked our graduate student community on our Instagram (@cofcgradschool) and the GSA’s Facebook group ( to share their go-to podcasts, and boy did they deliver! This edition encompasses the best of history, as recommended by our graduate students!

Behind the Bastards:

Looking for more history of the world’s baddest bad guys? Look no further! Host Robert Evans, author and investigative journalist, shares histories of figures that cast the darkest shadows throughout history.

Average Length: 90 Minutes

Frequency: Three Times a Week

Famous Fates: Movers and Shakers:

Want to learn about the lives and legacies of history’s greatest and more daring civil rights leaders? This podcast, hosted by Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson, explores the stories of history’s odds-defiers, rebels, and those who knew they were right and willing to push themselves to the brink to see the world changed for the better.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly


Sometimes, truth is more frightening than fiction. This podcast, hosted by Aaron Mahnke, looks into true life scary stories, the darker side of history, and the historical roots of our most fantastical folklore. Can’t get enough? Lore is also a series on Amazon, a series of books, and has spun off into a myriad of other podcasts.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-weekly


This podcast strives to be a time capsule of strange-but-true stories for future generations. Hosted by Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy! fame, and John Roderick, an indie-rockstar, this podcast covers topics like the Cottagecore trend, the Tesseract, and garbage barges.

Average Length: 65 minutes

Frequency: Twice Weekly

Revisionist History:

Join host Malcolm Gladwell, a five-time New York Times bestselling author, as he works to reinterpret a past event, person, or idea. Over five seasons of ten-week examinations of the past are ready for your enjoyment.

Average Length: 50 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Unexplained Mysteries:

Ever been frustrated by the phrase “We don’t know”? This podcast, hosted by Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rossner, investigates the greatest “we don’t know” mysteries of history and life on Earth. Thirsty for more? This podcast is now a show on Netflix.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Twice Weekly

Stuff You Missed in History Class:

Curious about what you may have missed while snoozing away in your high school history classes? Join hosts Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson as they take you on a trek through the strangest and weirdest things you probably missed in history class.

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Frequency: Twice Weekly


History podcasts not what you’re looking for? Tune in to future posts that will cover graduate student recommendations for comedy, storytelling, and more! Earlier editions covered true crime and can be found here, news & politics can be found here, and science, medicine, and educational can be found here.



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