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The Fall 2020 semester is winding down, and it’s time to look ahead to Spring 2021 and start registering for classes! Be sure to check out our previous entry on checking for Registration Holds, so you know you’re ready to register. Below is our step-by-step guide for registering for classes!

First, you’ll need to log in to your MyCharleston account. Then, click on the “Academic Services” tab.

Then, you’ll need to scroll down to “Registration Tools”, about half-way down the screen near “Appointment Manager” and “GPA Calculators”, below where your grades are posted. Click “Look Up Classes”.

Use the drop-down window to select the correct semester and hit submit. Then, scroll down to the subject of your choice, click so it’s highlighted in blue, and click “Course Search”. From there, a list of available courses will show. To register for a course, click “View Sections”, check the “Select” box for the course and section you’d like to register for, and then click “Register”.

And that’s it! Repeat this process for all your courses for the semester. Remember, 6 credit hours is considered full-time at the graduate level! Registration for Spring 2021 courses starts Thursday, November 5th for all Degree and Certificate students (MA, MAT, MBA, MED, MFA, MPA, MS, CER), and Tuesday, December 1st for all non-degree students (NDG).

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