Hitting the Books: Secret Study Spots

Ready to hit the books this semester? Hitting the Books series is our three-part series detailing the various study locations and resources available to graduate students on and around campus at UCSC. This edition is written by our own Graduate Assistant Haley Schanne, a third-year M.S. Environmental & Sustainability Studies/M.P.A. student.

Haley Schanne

Hello everyone! My name is Haley Schanne, and I’ve been the Graduate Assistant for the Graduate School Office since I started at the College back in January 2018. Being on campus for that long means I’ve gotten to know the lay of the land pretty well and have found my fair share of favorite places to relax, eat lunch, or study around campus. If you take one our Graduate Campus Tours, I can point all of these out and more! But today I’m going to share my favorite Secret Study Spots!

  1. School of Science and Mathematics – 202 Calhoun Street

Home to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Masters of Environmental & Sustainability Studies & Sustainable Agriculture program, the Lowcountry Hazard Center, South Carolina Space Grant Consortium, Natural History Museum, and the GIS Remote Sensing Lab, there’s a lot going on at SSMB. However, this building is my favorite place to study when the library is packed.

This building houses mostly laboratories and faculty offices, so the study spaces are pretty quiet and clean. There’s a beautiful atrium as you walk in, complete with pterodactyl skeletons and a fish tank to inspire your studies! On each of the three floors there are study corners with whiteboards, tables, and chairs available for student use. Plus, I enjoy that it’s close to relevant faculty so I can pop in their offices if I have any questions!

  1. School of Business – 5 Liberty Street

While I am quite possibly the furthest thing from a business major, I still find myself spending time in the School of Business. The lobby area is a great study area, especially in the afternoons when most of the classes held in that building have finished for the day. There’s great amenities in the School of Business as well, like the cellphone charging lockers, which securely stores and charges your phone so you can study without distraction!

  1. Robert Scott Small – Cougar Mall

RSS was once the College’s library, and now houses the Department of Mathematics, Counseling Center, REACH Program, and the Equal Opportunity Employment office. Again, it seems like a busy building when you add classrooms to the mix, but the basement is a hidden study gem. Complete with comfy couches and table space, the RSS basement is a cozy spot to really hit the books.

  1. School of the Arts Courtyard – 44 St. Phillip Street

Studying doesn’t mean you have to be cooped-up indoors! The College has so many great outdoor spaces on campus that are great for studying and relaxing. My favorite out-of-the-way spot is the School of the Arts Courtyard off St. Phillips Street. There are benches for sitting, art for viewing, and it’s close to CVS, the Education Center, Caviar & Bananas, and Chick-fil-A for when you need something to eat or drink while you read.

  1. The Reading Room – Addlestone Library

Okay, I admit this one is not so sneaky. However, if I need a quiet place to really focus on a touch reading or assignment, I always head straight to the reading room on the 3rd floor of Addlestone. To find this hidden gem, head up to the third floor, find the long study tables with the cool desk lamps, and there’s what looks like a random door to nowhere. I like the individual study “cubbies” that have outlets and partitioned areas so I can spread out and get into the zone. Not many students find their way into the reading room, since there’s an unmarked door at the entrance. If it’s ever locked, just head to security and they’ll get it opened for you!

Happy Studying!

Do you have your own favorite Secret Study Spot? Share it with us on Instagram (@cofcgradschool) or on Twitter (@gradschool)!

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