Getting Around Grad School: A Graduate Guide to On-Campus Parking

Curious about how to best navigate to and from campus as a graduate student? Getting Around Grad School is our three-part series on the various transportation options available to graduate students at UCSC.

The College of Charleston offers a variety of parking options for commuter students. From surface lots, to garage parking, to motorcycles and handicap accessible, there’s an option for every student! Please check out for the latest information on permits and parking.

Students will be assigned parking based on the number of cumulative credit hours earned and on file with the Office of the Registrar at the time that assignments are made. In the event of identical credit hours earned, applications first received will have priority. Eligibility to apply does not guarantee that you will be assigned a permit. Because of the fluctuating demand from semester to semester, no student is guaranteed the right to purchase a parking permit.

Students will be notified to apply for parking permits each semester through their College of Charleston email. New students will be given the opportunity to purchase permits through a first-come, first-serve day communicated through their College of Charleston email. Permits run by semester, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students will need to purchase a new permit each semester they need parking.

Surface Lots:

Surface lots are parking lots that are open air and regularly checked for permitted vehicles. Surface lots tend to be cheaper than garage lots at similar proximity to campus.

Surface lots include:

  • G Lot: Rutledge-Rivers Residence Hall
  • H Lot: 13 Coming Street
  • P Lot: 97-107 Wentworth Street
  • W Lot: 298-300 Meeting Street
  • WP Lot: Warren Place Residence Hall
  • LK Lot: 176 Lockwood Boulevard

Garage Lots:

Garage lots are closed-access parking garages that require a student’s Cougar ID or other pass to enter. Garage lots tend to be more expensive than surface lots are similar proximity to campus.

Garage lots include:

  • PG Garage: 81 St. Philip Street
  • WG Garage: Wentworth & St. Philip Street
  • GG Garage: George & Liberty Street
  • AG Garage: Aquarium garage at Washington & Calhoun Street

Motorcycle/Moped Parking:

In certain lots, there are designated motorcycle/moped parking spaces. There is a special permit that students can purchase for their motorcycle/moped, and these run cheaper than surface and garage permits for passenger vehicles.

Motorcycle/Moped parking is available at:

  • PP lot: North side of Berry Residence Hall next to McAlister
  • AD lot: near Addlestone Library
  • MW lot: between the Treasurers office and Clean Juice on Calhoun Street

Student Evening Permit:

Only have classes in the late afternoon or evenings? The Student Evening Permit is a cost-effective permit available for you! Students with this permit can park in the PG lot (located on St. Philip Street by campus security and mailing services) after 2:50pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Student Handicap Accessible Parking:

Need to have handicap accessible parking? Purchasing a Student Handicap Accessible Parking permit allows students to utilize the handicap accessible parking spaces in student lots.

Alternative Parking Options:

Parking Services offers a list of available alternatives to campus parking at our Downtown campus. The College does not make any representation about any person, company, or location on the alternative parking list. Furthermore, the College cannot endorse or recommend a facility that is not under the jurisdiction of the College of Charleston’s Department of Public Safety. In pursuing alternative resources for parking spaces, students and/or parents assume the responsibility of determining the safety of the parking location and the surrounding neighborhood. Alternative parking options can be found by visiting

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