2019 3MT Competition Winners and Highlights

The 2019 3MT® competition from the Graduate School at the College of Charleston had a record breaking participation with 14 graduate students presenting and six programs being represented. The 3MT® competition is a research and communication competition that was developed by the University of Queensland, Australia. Graduate students are limited to three minutes to present an overview of their thesis (3 Minute Thesis). There are strict guidelines for these presentations, including the use of one static PowerPoint slide that cannot include any animations or media. The students are supposed to tailor the presentation to a generic audience, avoiding any technical or industry terms. As not all of our programs require a thesis, we were extremely impressed with the 2019 participation. Students from Marine Biology, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, the concurrent Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Public Administration, History, Mathematical Sciences and Child Life programs gathered on Monday, November 11, 2019 to compete in the annual 3MT® competition.

The first place prize winner receives $500 and a trip to the Regional competition. Second place receives $250 and is the stand-in for the regional competition if the first place winner is unable to attend. We also offer a people’s choice award with a $250 prize. See our 2019 winner’s presentations below:

The 2019 3MT® Competition winner is Kyra Reisenfeld from the Marine Biology program.

The 2019 3MT® Competition Runner Up is Sarah Zuidema, also from the Marine Biology program.

The 2019 3MT® Competition People’s Choice Winner is Katherine Lowe from the Child Life program.

Other participants of the 2019 competition include:

  • Brooke Blosser, M.S. Marine Biology – Bite Sized Plastics: Microplastic Content in Oysters from Charleston Harbor
  • Charlton Brownell, M.S. Environmental and Sustainability Studies & Master of Public Administration – Using Q Methodology for Stakeholder Analysis on Johns Island
  • Casey Conrad, M.S. Environmental and Sustainability Studies – Flood Hazard Mapping in Charleston, S.C.
  • Jessica Daly, M.S. Marine Biology – Physiological Costs of Muscle Parasite Load in the Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosis
  • Alejandra Enriquez, M.S. Marine Biology – From Seafloor to Shore: Bacteria that Make Rust
  • Susannah Haury, M.A. History – Restoring Tranquility and Order to the Country: Authority and Allegiance in British-Occupied Charleston
  • Trent Humphrey, M.S. Environmental and Sustainability Studies & Master of Public Administration – Developing Database Solutions for College Food Pantries
  • Erin Langenstein, M.S. Mathematical Sciences – Combating Opioid Overdose with Machine Learning
  • Bond Ruggles, M.A. History – Gendering Ghosts
  • Zachary Stephens, M.S. Environmental and Sustainability Studies – Designing a Mobile App for Measuring Sustainability on Campus
  • Cappy Yarbrough, M.A. History – The Mark They Had in Sight: Black Women’s Political Activity in Reconstruction South Carolina

Congratulations to all of these amazing graduate students for a spectacular competition!


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