Apply for Fall 2019 for Free before January 31!

The new semester is just beginning, and application deadlines are looming for many of our graduate programs and certificates here at the University of Charleston, S.C.

Applications for our Master of Science in Child Life close January 15, 2019. This program provides graduate level instruction and clinical experience that prepares students to become Certified Child Life Specialists.  Advanced training in child life, child development, family systems, pediatric illness, and stress and coping allows student to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide state-of-the-art emotional support for children and families facing challenging events related to health care.  The program is centered on an evidence-based approach to family-centered-care, the promotion of optimal development of children facing challenging life experiences, play, and advocacy in the health care and community settings.

February 1, 2019 marks the date when applications close for our Master of Science in Marine Biology, and our Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. The purpose of the Graduate Program in Marine Biology is to offer students a well-rounded, Master’s degree level of education in marine biology that will allow graduates to pursue further study or professional employment in marine science.  The curriculum is designed to provide students with breadth in their education, while focused research projects develop depth.

The MFA in Creative Writing offers advanced degree training to students who wish to gain expertise in the writing of poetry and fiction. The program assumes that, as in music or the visual arts, the best education for the artist includes: training in the history and traditions associated with the student’s discipline, training in theoretical and formal approaches to the craft, and intensive peer and faculty feedback.

All applications submitted by January 31, 2019 will have their application fee waived! If you’re thinking about graduate school, this month is a great time to apply! Contact with any questions regarding our masters programs and graduate certificates!

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